September 2014: Busy Busy Busy ... making lots of new films


We've been busy making films instead of updating our website.  However, we have a host of new films, all of which we have immensely enjoyed making and are proud to share. 

Some of the highlights include a short promo for new workshop concept 'Elsewhere'. 

A crowdfunding video for Inspired Publications to raise money to make a series of 'how to do kinky sex' videos.

A series of films about the Andrew McDonald Lecture - a high profile Marie Curie event with a man suffering from Parkinson's and terminal cancer.  The highlights film is here.

A series of films about sports and autism, of which the highlights film is here.

A film about a Natascha, a woman who benefitted from a Marie Curie Hospice.

A video for Joel Culpepper's latest release - Pilot Light.