September 2014: Busy Busy Busy ... making lots of new films


We've been busy making films instead of updating our website.  However, we have a host of new films, all of which we have immensely enjoyed making and are proud to share. 

Some of the highlights include a short promo for new workshop concept 'Elsewhere'. 

A crowdfunding video for Inspired Publications to raise money to make a series of 'how to do kinky sex' videos.

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November 2013, Our film for Marie Curie's Helper Service

marie curie CS helperMarie Curie Cancer Care offer a helper service for people with chronic sickness.  They are applying to become Credit Suisse Charity of the Year, which will mean they can expand their Marie Curie Helper service

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Nov 2013 - Forthcoming Film for the Mirror and False Economy

mary laverWe're going to be making a film for the Daily Mirror and False Economy this week about Mary Laver, an Olympic Torch Bearer and Gamesmaker.  Profoundly disabled Mary is unable to move and is about to lose her Independent Living Fund, meaning she will no longer have round the clock care.  We are going to make a film showing what her life will be like without the care.


September 2013 -New Equipment


Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 15.27.08

We are now the proud owners of a Canon C100.  We're particularly excited about this camera as it will integrate professional sound recording with beautiful looking DSLR footage. 

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