April 2013 - A Project on Ageing and Autism

See more: A Project on Ageing and AutismWe are excited to be working with National Autistic Society again, this time on an aspect of autism that we haven’t covered before.  Ageing.  The NAS want us to make a number of films capturing and illustrating the challenges unique to people with autism as they get older.  

See more: A Project on Ageing and Autism

March 2013 - We're volunteering for Marie Curie

See more: We're volunteering for Marie CurieAfter filming last year’s Marie Curie Great Daffodil Collectors, we’ve garnered the secrets of how to collect the most money and are going to be putting it into practice this year near Vauxhall by volunteering ourselves.  Pictures to follow, if we’re not too embarassed.

January 2013, The Culpepper's New Video

See more: Joel Culpepper's Video for 'Heaven'

We are working with Joel Culpepper on the video for his forthcoming single ‘Heaven’. 

 The shoots are a lot of fun but it’s hard work getting all the band in one place.

8th March 2013,  Women of the World Festival

See more: Women of the World FestivalMoore Lavan Films will be attending the Women of the World festival at the Southbank Centre to show their latest film, made for Womankind Worldwide

Look out for us in our posh frocks or tweet us @moorelavanfilms.