Social Care Assessments of Disabled People

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.22.02Following a study into this subject, we worked with Bristol University to craft a series of training films for social workers, disabled people and agencies about what to keep in mind when planning and conducting assessments for social care.  These films have gone on to be shown by the Department for Work and Pensions as exemplarary training materials for social workers around the country.

Autism and Sport Training Films

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.13.12We worked closely with the National Autistic Society to make 14 films training those who teach sport to people with autism.  A great series emerged, offering an insight into autism in people of diverse ages, an insight into special training techniques and also a bit of entertainment.  The film below is one that we made out of the footage to give an overview of the subject.  The N.A.S. were thrilled with the results and many people have commented on how useful the films are.

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NHS training video for PROMS

We have made films for training for a number of our clients.  Many of these are not for public viewing so we can't share them here.   This was a film commissioned by the Department of Health who wanted to explain a new reporting procedure to patients all over the UK.

We can also train people (including young people) in how to make films. Some of the clients we've trained are the Who Cares? Trust, Southwark Council and the National Autistic Society.